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Attendance Policy

The SVJFAN policy on attendance was established to promote responsibility and teamwork. When school begins we will be practicing three days per week, two hours per practice. The following rules will be in effect with few exceptions. The only acceptable excuses are communicable illnesses and family crisis.  Missing games or unexcused practices may make your child ineligible for any of the special awards at the end of season banquet. We are not only teaching your child cheering and football; they are learning responsibility, team work,and self discipline, as well as providing valuable exercise that all children need to be healthy.

This is how the policy works:                                                                                                                                                                      

1. Your child must attend practice to participate on game day.                                                                                                   

2. Missing two practices will make your child ineligible to participate on game day. 

3. Missing the practice before game day will make your child ineligible to participate on game day.

4. Not showing on game day even though your child may not be eligible to participate will make him / her ineligible for the following weeks game.

5. In the case of unacceptable behavior, the coach may apply any of the above sanctions.

It is your responsibility to contact your child's coach if he / she will be missing a practice or game. Don't expect your child's coach to contact you with information that may have been communicated when your child was not there.

In the event of inclement weather, your child is to report to practice. Rain, snow or cold will not curtail practices. Games are played in these conditions and we must practice in them. This includes cheerleaders.

Weather systems very often clear up quickly, and it would be a poor decision to cancel at 3 or 4 PM, and then find it's fine at 6 PM. We will not practice or play games with lightning in the area. Practice / games will be halted, and the children sent to their vehicles. If another strike does not occur within 30 minutes the practice / game will resume. During a game it is the officials decision to wait again or call the game. The game will then be re-scheduled during the coming week. No member of this association or game official would intentionaly put yopur child in harms way for the sake of practice or completing a game.

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